“ANNIE” Cast Announced

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LTB and director, Cheri Barnes, would like to thank everyone who came out to audition for “Annie”. We would also like to congratulate this wonderfully talented cast! If you were not selected, please do not despair! We can ALWAYS use your talents elsewhere in the theatre! A show is not made up of mere actors alone! 🙂  To allow more of our young thespians an opportunity to perform, we have double cast the Orphan roles. The list is in no particular order.

Annie, Orphans and Chorus:

Annie – Sherissa Minshall and Madison Gaitani

Molly – Morgan Gulley

Duffy -Anna Beaty and Destiny Hanners

Tessie – Emma Willoughby and Abby Wagner

Pepper – Whitney Kirkman and Molly Patton

Katie – Katie Upham and Kennedy Blair

July – Amber Voigschild and Amelia Unger

Orphan chorus: Ashley Rubacha, Elizabeth Gaitani, Annie Johnson, Kaylin Kirkman, Maggie Lewis,Abby Leatherbury, McKenna Edwards, Halley East, Kendra Bunch, Rylee Brazzell,Katie Fishback, Elise Minshall and Madison Figg

Adult Cast and Chorus:

Daddy Warbucks – Tom Bostic

Grace – Kathy Thompson

Miss Hannigan – Paula Henderdeen

Rooster – Matt Frick

Lilly – Kate Lyn Edwards

FDR – Reuben Murr

Mr Bundles and Drake – Ray Robison

Bert Healy and other roles – Alex Elliott

Boylan Sisters and other roles – Emma Helfrick, Charlie Peters, Katelyn Edwards (also NYC Girl)

Eddie, Dog Catcher and Howe – Daniel Baker

Sophie and Mrs. Pugh – Beth Wilcoxen

Lt. Ward and Ickes – Jacob Bostic

Apple Seller – Maddie Murr

Mrs. Greer – Teresa Rynders

Annette – Ana Rynders

Congrats everyone! As a reminder, all actors are required to be a paid member. Please be prepared to pay your membership at your first rehearsal, if you have not already done so! Forms will be available at the theatre. If you were a drama camp participant, the child’s membership is already paid! CONGRATS!! BREAK A LEG!!

Cast Announced for "Charlie Brown"

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Cast List for “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

  • Charlie Brown – Phillip Gootee
  • Snoopy – Drew Stewart
  • Lucy Van Pelt – Amy Voris
  • Sally Brown – Jessica Stewart
  • Linus Van Pelt – Alexx Elliott
  • Schroeder – Brian Rainey
  • Adult Chorus:  Ashley Vandgrift, Lisa Skeen, Emily Carroll, Angie Sanders
  • Teen Chorus:   John Epping, Zahra Girgis (Woodstock), Vonya Girgis, Anna Beaty, Grace Bohnenkamp, Vincent Bodkins, Olivia Sanders, Ashley Rubacha, Evan Voris, Isaiah Wray, Katie Fishback
  • Kids Chorus (Woodstock Chorus):  Zahra Girgis, Ella Peek, Bella Held, Gary McFadden, Alecia McFadden, Emily Enochs, Baiden Kinnamon, Rylee Brazzell, Jackson Craig, Katie Godlevske, Noah Godlevske

Watch “The Keeper of the House” Online

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Our original production “The Keeper of the House” was taped by our local Star Station cable channel.  The play/musical was written by Maria Edwards.

A Melodrama/Play with Music/Serio-comedy, Written and Directed by Maria Edwards
Katherine Dillman wants her inheritance from her uncle Adrien LaRoe now and will do whatever it takes to get it. She sends her son, Wendel, undercover to live at her uncle’s boarding house in order to speed things along. The problem is Uncle Adrien only boards to young women, so Wendel must pretend to be a girl for the scheme to work. Reluctant, but feeling justified, Wendel agrees to her plan to get his share. Over time, Wendel grows to like the old man, falls in love with one of the boarders, and changes his mind about the whole deal, much to the disappointment of his mother.