"A Christmas Story" Cast and Crew

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Ralph — Charlie Titche
Ralphie Parker — Pace Siedl
Mother — Misty Pate
The Old Man — Reuben Murr
Randy — Maggie Lewis
Miss Shields — Sheryl Siedl
Flick — Devin Breneman
Schwartz — Issac Titche
Esther Jane Alberry — Maddie Murr
Helen Weathers — Katie Siedl
Scut Farkas — Richard Lloyd
Santa Claus — Tony Siedl
Bully (with Farkus) — Hunter McCloud
Elves — Emma Helfrich, Dorothy Timan, Torie Sayers
Cowboy, Tree Lot Owner, Delivery Man —– Miles Titche
Extras — Jaylyn Harmon, Jayden Pate, Emma Pate, Nora Patrick

Director: Cheri Barnes
Asst directors: Ana Rynders and Adam Roberts
Sound: Nina Peterson
Lights: Steve Kimbley
Backstage Crew: Lynn Titche, Clint Tirey, Stacey Sallee, Tammi Duzan
Set construction: Rick Inman, Charlie Titche, Reuben Murr, Mark Pate and Cast
Hair and makeup: Warren Jackson and Reida Cummings
Costumes: Reida Cummings and Angie Timan
Box Office: Rick Inman and Tammi Duzan
Special Thanks to Robin Helfrich, Mike Shannon of TheOldiesChannel.com, The Times Mail and S&S Cleaners.