"Camelot" Cast List

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Arthur – Chuck Jones
Merlyn – Tod Norman
Guenevere – Shawna Girgis
Lancelot – Brandon Fouch
Pellinore – Irwin Binder
Mordred – Brian Rainey
Morgan Le Fey – Ana Rynders
Tom of Warwick – Josh Hall
Dinaden – Drew Stewart
Sir Lionel – Lee Cuba
Sir Sagramore – Mike Berry
Squire Dap – Josh Hall
Lady Anne/#3 – Laura Henley
Lady Catherine/#1 – Jessica Stewart
Lady Sybil/#2 – Torie Sayers
Guilliam – Josh Hall
Colgrevance/Lady of the Court – Kathy Stewart
Bliant – Brian Samarzea
Castor – Tod Norman
Clarius/Lady of the Court – Autumn Huffman
4 Heralds/4 Squires – Alexa Louden, Jacqueline Ford, Maggie Timan, Kathy Stewart
Two Pages – Kathy & Jacqueline
Nimue/Court Lady – Audra Baldwin
Lady of the Court – Melissa Sergent

Directed by Kay Collins